Monday, October 17, 2016


There are days I am craving for humble Indonesian food, there is another day I do crave for fancy Japanese dishes. I do have some favorites of Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, most of them is the authentic one. I do not really into those fusion sushi with lotsa mayonnaise and toppings, I am just happy with fresh sushi, good Japanese rice, and tasty Japanese grill.

Finding Kazoku Tei is quite surprising for me, since I do not have any expectation on discover one Japanese restaurant here in Sukabumi city. I heard some local reviews, which was a recommended one, because Kazoku Tei was the only destination for their Japanese craving. I also asked for my friends from Jakarta, and they said this humble Japanese restaurant was not bad at all.

Kazoku Tei is located on the road heading to Sela Bintana, seated across Balcony Hotel (read my review about Balcony here). It's a humble Japanese food, delivering a good homey ambiance. To my surprise, place is quite spacious with garden area behind the building. I had my visit at night and the atmosphere is comforting enough.

The menu is quite vary, giving me quite a hard time to decide what to order. Omu rice, bento, ramen , udon, sushi roll, they have it all. I have a good feeling this one could be a proper Japanese food.

(with selections of curry or butter rice)

Yes, they have Mozaru, like the one I have in Zenbu, Jakarta. I have chicken mozaru with curry rice, and it is not bad at all. The presentation is appetizing, curry rice is tasty and fragrant, while the chicken and cheese is quite generous. Portion wise, it's fulfilling for me. I have to say this is one proper mozaru, not that kind of any ordinary baked rice.


hey have many selections of  sushi and I picked unagi roll because I was craving for it. Eight pieces of sushi, with unagi/eel, crunch, and cucumber inside. To be honest it is a bit dry, but the filling is quite enhancing the flavors. More teriyaki sauce is needed to make it more flavorful, perhaps?


Having one bowl of warm chicken katsu don is one of my favorite moment, especially when I am so hungry. Japanese donburi is one simple dish that always been a comforting one for me, because in that humble dish, you can really enjoy the goodness of rice with delicious toppings. Kazoku Tei's chicken katsu don is one fulfilling donburi with tasty cuts of chicken katsu, egg, and generous rice. Happy tummy indeed!


Generous portion of chicken teppanyaki come with veggies, tofu, rice, and miso soup. Teppanyaki come in good presentation, drooling enough to make me wanna try a bite. Chicken is flavorful and well seasoned, happy to have this one!

Overall I have a satisfying dinner here. I have to say Kazoku Tei offer one proper Japanese food here in Sukabumi City. Generous portion, nice ambiance, affordable price. I would definitely come back to try another dishes!

Kazoku Tei
Jl. Selabintana no 36, Sukabumi
West Java
(0266) 7162111

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Things I like about living at Sukabumi: friendly people and pocket-friendly food. Finding food here is no effort, since local food and cafes are popping here and there. I have to admit that some days I just want to have this guilty pleasure by having fried food on my lunch (less guilty than having it for dinner), usually my craving for good fried food happens after one detoxing day with veggies and fruits.

Alam Sunda, is one of local favorite here. Some of my friends really liked it because they're a big fan of local fried food, but for me it's better for not having this as a routines, considering my high blood cholesterol. Yes I might be skinny, you might be too, but I do recommend you to check your blood cholesterol after the age of 20, do it every 5 years (you got this free medical advice here! ;))

So, back to Alam Sunda. They are located in the busiest street of Ahmad Yani, 'chinatown' area of Sukabumi city. Funny that they have two stores here, aligned in the same side of road, separated by around 15 shops in between. I hear that both of the stores have the same quality so both of them are packed enough during lunch or dinner hour.

System here is, you choose what you eat before you sit. Pick some foods, give it to the server, they're gonna fried it for you. Fish, chicken, tempe, tahu, they have it all. Sundanese feast indeed! They also have some local soups like sayur asem, soto, and veggies like urap and kangkung. Price starts from IDR 10k-50k.

Good thing here, raw vegetables with sambal are unlimited and free. They have these two kinds of sambals and this sambal ijo is my favorite! I have to admit the umami flavor is really dominating but that's the thing that keep this palate alive, right!

Fried food feast just get started! Lots of food, with bonus of crunch are their kind of serving style. Everything is tasty, giving it flavor of guilty pleasure. The food is kinda oily to be honest and I can't even finish the whole plate. Don't forget to drink a lot of water after those fried food!

Overall Alam Sunda is not bad at all. Surely one of local favorite. I, don't think I will go back that often due to those fried food, since I am trying to have a healthier lifestyle here. But for you who are a fan of local fried food, Alam Sunda is a place for you to go.
PS: their sambal is a must!

Jl. Raya Ahmand Yani, Kota Sukabumi
West Java

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya
@jechristy @sukabumifoodies 

Friday, October 14, 2016


One thing on my list when I am going back to Jakarta: visiting Beau HQ.
I've read many reviews of Beau and I feel like familiar to the place just by reading at them. I know the natural light must be good. I know that they're having this Kinfolk ambiance. I know what's favorite and what's not. But still, I have to try it myself.

Beau HQ is located in Cikajang area, the 'it' spot at South Jakarta. Its open space is so pretty yet I really feel very welcomed on my first step inside. Everything is so elegant in white, making me consider to make it an inspiration to my future home. Can't decide which one is prettier, inside or outside, because both of them are lovely. 

Loving the shade of green they are using for the outdoor area. Imagine a lovely day with coffee and pastry at Beau. 

Enjoying the view at their big window, accompanied by these pretty baby breath. 

I have my personal favorite if we're talking about coffee shop and their coffee. Beau's iced latte is okay, but not the best  I ever had. The weather is kinda hot that day and this iced latte turns put to be an enjoyable thirst quencher!

Pastry on display. I am in heaven. 

40k each/ 100k for 3
I have pork salami, gravad laks (salmon), and grilled chicken breast on my dark-rye bread. Actually I am not a fan of dark hard bread. I am more to a-fluffy-bread-person, warm fluffy bread to be exact. I personally like their grilled chicken best because of the generous and well seasoned filling. The salmon is quite a feast in my palate, too! While I find the pork bacon is just okay. To be objective, their sourdough get along well with all the toppings, but still it is not my kind of bread. I think they actually have the option to go with their brioche for this open sandwich, but I do not notice it at first and the server do not ask for it too.

Platter for sharing. Beautiful fresh ingredients on top.

Basically it is a portion of their brioche with kaya jam. I am kinda hoping to have this one in more complicated way, because honestly having this is like having my breakfast at my home. I am such a sucker for bread and I have bread almost in every morning. However, the kaya jam is nice, not too generous, while the caramelized nut is really helping to make it merrier. 

Overall Beau is such a pretty place serving high quality pastry. Lovely place, quite palatable food, great ambiance, while the price is kinda high. I tried some of their pastry creation and totally in love with it. Here you can find some menus in more advanced way. Gonna come back to satisfy my pastry craving for sure!

Jl. Cikajang no 29, Senopati
South Jakarta
Opening hours:7am-9pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Fell in love at the first sight.
That's the first sentence to describe Praline Coffee and Patisserie. Everything inside feels so familiar, warm, and pretty. Spending my time here has become my favorite thing to do lately, since I come here twice eventhough I've been here for only 2 weeks. I do not need any other reason, they simply remind me of Jakarta. Praline is undoubtedly a combination of Fillmore and Crematology, two of my favorites back there. 

Comfy corner. Books, coffee, and I. 

Outdoor space. Catchy yellow seats. 

Praline and rain are surely bestfriend. I really enjoy looking at the raindrops through the glasses. Natural light on bright day surely is the highlight of Praline, while on gloomy days, I don't mind to enjoy the view, too!

Having some light bites here and turns out their chicken wrap is not bad at all! Generous filling of grilled chicken and vegetables, all is well seasoned. Portion wise, fullfilling too! I do not order any coffee since it is too late (I have a very severe insomnia) so this cup of tea will do. 

Tasty chicken wrap with lotsa filling!

Overall, Praline is my favorite spot among all places in Sukabumi. Pretty place, affordable and palatable food, friendly staff too! Surely gonna be my favorite spot to spend the day. Gonna be back soon to try their coffee!

Hotel Anugerah
Jl. Suryakencana no 82, Sukabumi
(0266) 6245000

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya
@jechristy @sukabumifoodies

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hello peeps! 
It's my third week in Sukabumi and I feel like starting to living it. Hospital workload could be exhausting sometimes, but good thing that I am still be able to manage it. Can't lie about missing Jakarta food scene much, meeting friends and taking photos, but I guess I have to bear with it. 

So, talking about Sukabumi food scene is quite exciting actually. Cafes are here and there, trying to offer fusion of Asian and Western food the way they like it. But for me, traditional food is the best. Eating those Indonesian food with many spices, kicking flavor, makes me feel to be proud Indonesian. So I am taking you to one of my favorite from traditional Sukabumi food scene: Sekoteng!

Yea, it's one kind of warm dishes that can really warm up your night. You know, Sukabumi can be so cold by having a chilly night sometimes, and nothing better than having one bowl of warm sekoteng. 

Sekoteng is actually one traditional dessert that contains of many sweet condiments: biscuits, mung beans, peanut, kolang kaling, and many more.  I really love how they serve it with choices of ginger and pandan soup. Both of them using condensed milk to make it sweet, the the pandan soup has its more milky consistency. 

Jl,A. Yani, Kebonjati, Kota Sukabumi
Opening hour·5pm-11pm

Located in the street of Ahmand Yani, this one is quite popular here in Sukabumi city. The only drawback is, they only serve sekoteng here, no other food for snacking. For me this one is good, a little bit sweeter than the one I had aligned with them in the same road (sekoteng kota paris). They also served it with condensed milk so we can add as much as we like! Condiments is making it more 'playful' and burst in flavor. Me likey!

Jl. A Yani no 319, Kota Sukabumi (depan salon paradise)
Opening hours: 5pm-11pm

This one, such a feast even from the distance. They are crowded, having some food stalls offering many food and drinks. They have pandan fried banana, which is one of my favorite. Crispy, generous size, and sweet. Fish cake and tahu pletok are tasty and enjoyable, too!  Nasi bakar taste good and quite fulfilling. Sekoteng is not too sweet, just the way I like it. They also have grilled sausage, but I dot give it a try. Everything is good, I feel like having a feast!

Overall I like this traditional dish called sekoteng. My third week, but I have it 3 times already! Gonna explore more about this city, suggestion is welcomed!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


My second week here, and I did some cafe-hopping already.
One thing I realize about Sukabumi: pretty and cool cafes are located in hotels. I visited two of them and they are unexpectedly pleasing me much. Note to remember since they are located in hotels here, tax and service might be higher than any other cafes. But actually I don't mind as long as the service and food is not disappointing.

So I tried this newly opened hotel called Balcony, located across of Kazoku Tei. They are still new but somehow I have a good feeling that they are going to be nice. Restaurant is located in the first floor, while cafe is on the second floor. I haven't visit their cafe though.

It is one spacious restaurant with natural light dominating the ray in the open room. For me it is a bit hot, although they are located in the mid of upper road heading to Selabintana. But still it is comfortable enough.


One of my favorite from this lunch feast. Chicken is tender, beautifully seasoned. Generous mozarella cheese on top really make it even better and enhance the flavor. The bechamel sauce made it creamier, made me missing one good croque monsieur I had back in Jakarta. I really surprise with the amount of cheese they give, it really please me. Every part of the chicken is 'having' its cheese. They are serving it with fries and salad. 


One highlight dish in Balcony. This one really is a surprise. I do not have any high expectation for the steak here, but they do recommend it and turn out it so tasty. Beef is tender, and the mushroom sauce is really scrumptious. The sauce is rich, palatable, and everything is on point. A big applause for their sirloin!


This one is good, but I have had better. Chicken is tender and seasoned well, too. Cheese is using parmesan and is not as generous as the previous dishes, but still enjoyable. Additional bbq sauce is there on top to enrich the flavor. This is a kind of hearty meal that comforts everyone: the one you're gonna order when you want to play it safe.


Grilled ox tail with honey is something I do not usually order, but I really am craving for Indonesian food and they give a good opinion about this. It is not disappointing at all. Ox tail is quite tender though there are some chunks of fat here and there. They are serving it with the soup which is remind me of homemade soup, quite heart warming and tasty enough.

I also have chocolate lava cake to end my lunch feast here, but to bad my camera is having its hard time (read: error) to take any more pictures. The lava cake is not melting inside, the chocolate filling is more like a gooey one, but the flavor is good! Dense and rich chocolate with vanilla ice cream to complete the sweet ending.

Overall it is one pleasing lunch here at Balcony Hotel. Selection of food is quite varies, while the flavor is mostly yummy and comforting. The open air is such a good match to have your afternoon chitchat with friends or family. Gonna come back for sure!

Jl. Selabintana, Selabatu, Kota Sukabumi
West Java
(0266) 211665

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya
@jechristy @sukabumifoodies